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Seafood specials listed monthly including fresh fish fillets, crab, abalone, sauces, and more
photo of: Dungeness Crab Cooked
$ 24.99 per EACH
(minimum order 2  EACH)
photo of: Jumbo Colossal Australian Lobster Tail (24-28 oz.)
$ 99.99 per EACH
(minimum order 1  EACH)
photo of: Abalone Steak "California Red" JUMBO
$ 30.00 per EACH
(minimum order 1  EACH)
photo of: Alaskan Halibut Frozen Fillet
$ 19.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: Australian Lobster Tail (6-8 oz.)
$ 24.99 per EACH
(minimum order 1  EACH)
photo of: Dungeness Crab Meat "MERUS"
$ 44.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: King Crab Meat
$ 64.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: Sablefish ( Black Cod ) Fillet
$ 14.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: Thresher Shark
$ 9.99 per LB.
(minimum order 2 pounds)

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