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Broken Prawns

( 26 - 30 per pound )

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A FULL 2 POUND BAG!! These shrimp are what's called in our industry "Broken"  This means they might have a tail or a portion of the shrimp broken off. However most of the shrimp ARE mostly whole, but at a fraction of the cost. YOU WILL NOT Find a BETTER Deal ANYWHERE For these WILD PRAWNS.


Another GREAT Feature of these shrimp is that they are packed in a 2 pound IQF bag. (Individually Quick Frozen) Meaning you can pull out how ever many shrimp you want to thaw, and leave the rest for when you need them, eliminating the need to use 2 lbs at once!  Pull out 4 shrimp for an afternoon cocktail or 20 for a dinner party.


Mexican Wild Shrimp. These are Peeled, and Deveined meaning they are clean and ready to cook and Eat. Don't be fooled by the large Freshwater or Farmed Shrimp you find at the grocery store.  If you want only the Best Shrimp in the World ask for WILD MEXICAN!



Origin: Mexico


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