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Live Black Mussels

( Prince Edward Island )

List Price: $ 14.99 Our Price:  $ 12.99 per  LB.

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Product Description:
Cultivated of the pristine waters of Prince Edward Island,.  These mussels will make you forget everything you know about mussels; one taste of the sweet tender meat inside and you'll come to discover what many already know. These mussels are great for cioppino, bouillabaisse or paella.  As another cooking method you can keep it simple and saute with butter, fresh garlic and parsley then toss with pasta.  Approximately 25 - 35 count per pound.

Additional Information:
Our black mussels are shipped "LIVE".   Upon arrival, your black mussels may have opened during transit.  It is normal for this to happen.  Refrigerate your shellfish in the netted bag shipped in upon receiving them and use within 2 days.  

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