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Grassy Bar Oysters

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Product Description:
Grassy Bar Oysters are becoming the utmost popular oyster grown and harvested in Morro Bay.  Operated and owned by the Trevelyan family of the Central Coast of California, with over 20 years experience in the shellfish business; this family takes pride knowing their oysters are environmentally friendly, low in contaminants, make a good source for zinc, which your body needs for hundreds of different biochemical processes to occur and Omega-3 fatty acids which is healthy for your heart. 

Additional Information:
Grassy Bar oysters are sold by the dozen and shipped overnight in a netted bag.  Approximate shell length is 3 inches.  Upon delivery, store in your refrigerator (keep them in the bag they came in) until ready to use.  Oysters are to be used within 3 days when received.
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