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Blue Point Oysters

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Product Description:
One of the most popular oysters on the East Coast; the Blue Point oyster originated near the town of Blue Point, Long Island in the state of New York.  Recognized by its' smooth cupped hard shell and rich, smokey, fairly briny and full flavor.  Great for on the half shell and many of your favorite other seafood recipe as they can be baked, broiled, boiled, fried, grilled, and steamed.  

Important Information:
Please allow an additional 2-3 days to receive

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Additional Information:
Blue Point oysters are sold as 2 dozen and shipped overnight in a netted bag. Approximate shell length is 2 - 3 inches.  These oysters may require an additional day to ship as they are special ordered from across the country.  Upon delivery, store in your refrigerator (keep them in the bag they came in) until ready to use.  Please note: some oysters may arrive open, this is perfectly normal.  Oysters are to be used within 3 days when received.

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