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Fresh Live Oysters from coast to coast available shucked or live in the shell.  From Kumamoto oysters to Grassy Bar oysters; we have them here.  Guaranteed the freshest oysters you'll ever eat.  Shipped overnight to your doorstep.  Buying oysters online comes easy at Giovanni's Fish Market.  Finger limes and professional oysters knives, the perfect companion to oysters, available too!

photo of: Pacific Oysters
$ 24.00 per DOZ.
(minimum order 1  DOZ.)
photo of: Blue Point Oysters
(minimum order 2  DOZ.)
photo of: Fanny Bay Oysters
(minimum order 4  DOZ.)
photo of: Grassy Bar Oysters
$ 20.00 per DOZ.
(minimum order 1  DOZ.)
photo of: Grassy Bar Oysters (3 DOZEN)
$ 65.00 per BAG
(minimum order 1  BAG)
photo of: Kumamoto Oysters
(minimum order 2  DOZ.)
photo of: Kusshi Oysters
(minimum order 2  DOZ.)
photo of: Oyster Shucking Knife - Toadfish
$ 35.00 per EACH
(minimum order 1  EACH)
photo of: Oysters (Pacific Shell Shucked)
$ 19.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: Pacific Gold Oysters
$ 25.00 per DOZ.
(minimum order 1  DOZ.)

Nutritional Value:
Oysters are an excellent source of zinc helping with a better immune system.  Also a good source of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B-12.

Live shell oysters are shipped as "live" in a netted bag for convenience of storing in refrigerator.  Oysters will keep for up to 3 days if properly refrigerated.  Shucked oysters are shipped in a clear plastic tub vacuum sealed.  Oysters can be used in a variety of ways including consuming them raw or cooked.  View our recipes here-->Oyster Stuffing and More  

Buying Oysters Online comes easy at Giovanni's but do you know how to shuck them?  If not, here's an easy tutorial on how to shuck oysters like a pro.  Click here-->How To Shuck Oysters  

Oyster of the Month:
Grassy Bar Oysters
An oyster bed located in an estuary on the Central Coast of California owned by the Trevelyan with over 20 years of experience.  Environmentally friendly and a great source for Omega-3 fatty acids.  Harvested in cold open ocean water giving these oysters a briny, robust, and satisfying flavor.  Available to purchase here-->Grassy Bar Oysters

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