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Live Maine Lobster

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Product Description:
From the cold, clean waters of the East Coast, Maine Lobsters are known for being the sweetest and most flavorful lobsters in the world. With a tender texture and robust flavor, these tails are much different than the world famous Australian warm water tails.
Our Maine lobster is flown in live weekly and the crustaceans are kept live in salt water tanks. Have your lobster delivered live to your doorstep, or request your lobster to be cooked to order. Served best steamed with melted butter ~ simple and delicious.
Maine lobsters are fished and handled with extreme care and sustainability. Lobster fishermen, also known as lobstermen, hand catch the East Coast gems one trap at a time. Maine lobster fisheries have become the model for sustainability practices around the world.


Additional Information:
. For orders places as live; We ship them live in an enclosed styrofoam box with a sufficient amount of frozen gel packs. The expectations of the live lobster(s) is they will be weak from transit. The lobster(s) should be cooked within 24 hours of arrival. 
.   Product of Maine
.   Each Lobster weighs approximately 1.25-1.50 pounds
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