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Alaskan Red King Crab available online shipped overnight.  Choose from legs, claws, and meat.
  Red King Crab legs are available in three sizes to fit your needs.
Alaskan Red King Crab is known for its' incredible sweet flavor and snow white meat.
An excellent source for protein.  Our legs, claws, and meat ship pre-cooked and ready to eat.
photo of: Alaskan Red King Crab Legs
$ 44.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: King Crab Claws
$ 29.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: King Crab Meat
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: King Crab Merus Sections
$ 59.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)
Nutritional Value:
King Crab is an excellent source of protein. Low in cholesterol, calories, and contains no carbohydrates.

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