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Crawfish Tail Meat

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Product Description:
Crawfish are often referred to as Crayfish or Crawdads.  They are small lobster-like crustaceans found in freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. Our Crawfish have been cooked, peeled, deveined and ready to use when they arrive to you.
Generally consumed around the world in common dishes such as soups and etouffees or seafood boils. Upon cooking, only the small tail portion of the Crawfish is eaten. They're most commonly known for a famous "Louisiana Seafood Boil," where the whole Crawfish is steamed with shrimp, clams, sausage, corn and much more. These arrive cooked and you can even skip the step of peeling and deveining as that's already been done for you.
Product will be shipped frozen in a one-pound, vacuum sealed package. 
Product of Louisiana  

Additional Information:
Wild Caught
100-150 count per pound

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