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Calamari Steaks (Raw)

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  calamari steaks  raw calamari steaks

Product Description:
Tenderized Calamari Steaks, an extremely simple and versatile product that every restaurant longs to have on their menu. The steaks weigh approximately 5 - 6 ounces each and are about a quarter inch thick. Upon receipt, the steaks need no further preparation are ready to cook right up.
Very mild in taste with a chewy yet tender texture, similar to that of Jumbo Scallops. Best served breaded and pan seared with your favorite sauce of choice ~ we recommend a Lemon Caper sauce. Even a great appetizer to serve deep-fried in bite-sized strips, accompanied with a simple tartar sauce.
Steaks are shipped in vacuum sealed, one pound packages.
Wild caught product of Peru   

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