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Abalone Steaks "WILD"

(tenderized steak)

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Product Description:
Wild Abalone from Baja California, Mexico.  Abalone is hand picked and selected to produce the very best Abalone steaks.  Abalone is stripped, trimmed, pounded, and tenderized to create the finest steak with a 
mild flavor and just a hint of sweetness.  Serve as an hors'doeuvre, appetizer, or entrée.

Live abalone are carefully selected, removed from the shell, cleaned and professionally tenderized in San Diego, California. 

  • Tenderized steak (nearly a quarter pound each)
  • Custom styrofoam cooler
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Cooking Directions:
These steaks can age for up to 4 days in the refrigerator and tend to get richer with a few days of age.  Simply bread them with panko bread crumbs and fry in a mixture of half olive oil and half butter for approximately 2 minutes per side, maximum.

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