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Abalone Steaks "California Red"

Rustic Cut

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Product Description:
The newest offering from Ocean Rose Abalone Co., Rustic Cut Abalone Steaks are only being offered in limited supply to our preferred customers and a select number of celebrity chefs across America.  Rustic cut abalone steaks are quickly going to become the very most popular Abalone product in the world.  A new technique of processing live abalone, retains some of the pigment in the steaks, which is going to result in a new flavored steak, that is really going to impress your guests.  By retaining some of the pigment, Ocean Rose has created a product that is not only visually appealing, but has resulted in a new and fuller flavor profile.  Early feedback from test markets have revealed that the new "Rustic Cut" steaks are preferred 4 to 1.  As we mentioned, we are already getting lots of excitement from local chefs who have received great feedback from their guests at their special events.

Additional Information:
4 steaks (6 ounces)
1 exquisite specimen polished original abalone shell

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