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Yellow Fin Tuna


Ordering fresh fish can be frustrating for many restaurants, sushi bars, hotels and retail stores that sell fresh fish because at some suppliers, prices fluctuate like night and day. If you have discovered Giovanni’s Fish Market seeking quality fresh yellow fin tuna, which is a hugely popular eating fish used for sashimi sushi and fillet catch of the day fish, then you will de thrilled with our offers. We are a one-stop supplier for dozens of different species of delicious eating fish, at prices that beat all of our competitors, and for your ultimate convenience, we deliver nationwide overnight. Our yellow fin tuna is always abundantly available, and fresh stocks are always ready for you to order whenever you need. Look forward to personalized, results-driven services for your satisfaction for everything regarding fish, from ordering to eating.


Yellow fin tuna is popularly used for a variety of sushi dishes because even raw it has a unique and delectable taste like most tuna. Yellow fin tuna is not only very delicious, but also a favorite alternative for anglers because it is a game fish that will give you a good fight. Most colonies are found in the southern hemisphere, and continental reefs like in Australia and because this fish tends to mature fast they are always in abundance. Like most different types of tuna fish, yellow fin tuna can be made into some delicious fish dishes besides sushi, and like all fish, it has superb nutritional value and is a heart healthy food. Giovanni’s Fish Market has some fabulous recipes that will turn any meal into a masterpiece, including tuna recipes in a variety of choice.


Order any quantities of fresh yellow fin tuna using the convenience of Internet technology from us, and it will arrive overnight to your restaurant or hospitality institution. If you are in the area of Morro Bay, then pop in and come and try some of our exclusive fish dishes, like the amazing fish on a stick, which is the talk of the town. We are one of the few fishmongers that sells such a huge variety of fish all under one roof and this is why we have built up such an extensive list of regular clients. We know that after you have used our services for ordering fresh fish you are also going to be hooked!


Order yellow fin tuna, prawns, salmon, halibut, king crab, shrimp, sushi tuna, clams oysters and octopus as just a fraction of the examples of what we stock. Have a look at the product list, which shows you pictures that can provide you close-up views when you click on them and prices per pound. Our fresh yellow fin tuna and other fresh catches come from local fisherman and from all over the world. Should you want to come and make a meal of some of the best fresh fish dishes in Morro Bay, then bring along the family to come and sample fine cuisine from Giovanni’s Fish market.