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Everyone knows that eating seafood and fresh fish is great for a healthy lifestyle, and if you arrived at our website looking for fresh fish then look no further. Giovannis Fish market is a top quality supplier of fresh fish to private customers, restaurants, wholesale outlets and hospitality institutions. If you are serving sushi tuna or catch of the day on your menu, then we are a number one solution. We have used Internet technology to provide you with some delightful information on fish facts, recipes, gifts, delicious sauces, wines and tons more. You can use the convenience of Internet technology to place your order for any of the dozens of fresh fish you desire, from sushi tuna to shrimp, lobster and crab. Because you are buying direct from our wholesaler, also look forward to incredible prices that beat all of our competitors in the area, hands down.


Giovannis Fish market is a family-owned business that has been operating in this niche for decades, believing personalized customer service is still the best way of client retention. In today’s fast-paced, modern lifestyle, fast, friendly service and personalized attention to your satisfaction is hard to find. Should you have a restaurant or sushi bar seeking sushi tuna, we know that you will also always be on the lookout for the best prices and freshest fish! We also know you will join dozens of regular, long term clients who already order their sushi tuna and every other fish we have at prices that are simply unbeatable. Create a secure account with us so that you can order fresh fish of any nature online when you need it delivered promptly nationwide.


Sushi is a dish enjoyed by many, and the gorgeous taste combinations will definitely tantalize your taste buds. A variety of different species can be used to make these dishes, which can be pretty pricey. Sushi tuna is extremely popular and just one example of many different dishes of this nature. Select restaurants and sushi bars are generally a very popular hangout for the social crowds and business people as well. What is best of all is the fact that sushi tuna is a healthy food, and a far better choice than fast food, like oily burgers and hot dogs, which do not provide a fraction of the nutritional value. Read some interesting facts on how important fresh fish is for heart health on our website.


There are simply endless sushi dishes that can be made using fresh fish, like sushi tuna, and there are some mouthwatering recipes you can take advantage of on our website to help you prepare stunning meals. Giovannis Fish market offers you a delightful online shopping experience for sushi tuna, or any type of fish for which you are looking. Check out the list of products and click on the pictures for close-up views and price per pound of sushi tuna and other fish for easy ordering. We deliver overnight express to any destination, so you can look forward to fish that is so fresh it still smells of the sea. We deliver all over the United States for your convenience, so there is certainly no reason to look elsewhere for a fresh fish supplier.