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Most people know that seafood and fish have many health benefits. However, there are often misconceptions about these products as well. Many consumers are uncertain about the situation with different fishes, shrimp, lobster and crabs, and as a result they simply shy away from seafood all together. However, before you make a decision on what you will and won't be eating, you should get the fact straight.


One of the biggest issues people have with seafood and fish is that certain kinds of fish contain mercury. This often scares people off, as they assume this means that all fish comes with a serious health risk. However, what you should realize is that mercury is a naturally occurring component of some fish. Additionally, even in the fish it is found it, it comes in trace amounts that have been deemed safe by the FDA.


Another issue people sometimes have with seafood and fish is that they think that fish like swordfish are endangered, and as a result they shouldn't eat them. This idea is a myth. Swordfish are some of the most quickly replenishing fish out there. As long as swordfish farmers continue with their current level of harvesting, not only will swordfish levels remain safe – they will actually increase!


Some people also think that seafood and fish are not sustainable. That means that they think that those who farm certain kinds of seafood are fishing at such a fast rate that it's impossible for the fish to replenish themselves and continue to thrive. However, this is also false. The reality is that unbiased groups across the board agree that the vast majority of farmers fish in responsible ways and that there is currently no threat to the overall seafood industry.


While we're dispelling some of the myths of seafood and fish, we should also point out some of the advantages of fish as well. For example, studies have shown that eating seafood only twice a week can cut your chances of having a heart attack in half. When heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in this country, you better believe that this can make a huge impact.


Eating seafood and fish that is high in Omega-3s can have many health benefits as well. One example is the fact that it has been shown to cut men's risk of prostate cancer by up to 40%. That's a huge amount, and all you have to do is eat delicious fishes like salmon and tuna. When you can eat something that you love and get great health benefits as a result, why wouldn't you?


As you can see, there are sometimes quite a few misconceptions about seafood and fish. Before making your own decision you want to make sure that you understand the truth. Fish is sustainable, does not contain harmful levels of mercury and fish like swordfish are not endangered. Additionally, there are tons of health benefits associated with eating plenty of fish, like decreases in instances of heart attacks.