Gio's Famous Complete Cioppino Making Kit
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Gio's Famous Complete

Cioppino Making Kit

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A fish stew originating in San Francisco and derived from the various regional fish soups and stews of Italian cuisine; Ciopinno has become popular among many.

The Ciopinno Combo includes:

1 Full QUART of Gourmet San Francisco Style Cioppino Sauce
1 Cooked Dungeness Crab (Cracked and Cleaned)
1 LB. Alaskan Halibut  (boneless pre-cut pieces)
1/2 LB. Black Mussels (shipped live) (approx 10)
1/2 LB. Manila Clams (shipped live) (approx 8)
1/2 LB. Mexican White Prawns  (approx 10)

Serves 4 adults. All of these ingredients make Ciopinno a breeze to make.

Peel and Devein Prawns.  Click here to purchase your deveiner!
Pour the jar of Cioppino Sauce into a large pot over a medium heat.  Warm until it slightly bubbles. 
Once the sauce is bubbling, add the Halibut and the Prawns.
Simmer for 8 minutes.
Add Dungeness Crab and simmer for another 3-5 minutes.
Add the black mussels and manila clams and continue to simmer until they open up.
Once the shellfish have opened; you are ready to serve!  

Serve in Giant Bowls, and top with Fresh Chopped Parsley and Thyme or Oregano.  Serve With Hot Sourdough Bread, and a Great Red Wine.
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