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Scalone Steaks

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Product Description:
A succulent blend of Scallops and Abalone creates this masterpiece from the sea! Scalone is a mixture of diver scallops and succulent abalone meat, which are ground together to a consistency similar to a hamburger. The ground items are then mixed with egg and a dash of salt and shaped into perfect serving sized steaks. The process of grinding minimizes waste and assures that the abalone will be tender.
Scalone does not contain starch or additives to give the patties consistency, which is a very common question. Instead the steaks are all natural, healthy and delicious. Scalone is a relatively new item in the seafood industry, and has quickly become a product for us that is most inquired about and a top seller as well.
The patties are very easy to prepare and only takes a few minutes. First dip the patties in an egg wash and then into flour; sauté the patties in a skillet for about one minute on each side ~ the steaks will be tender, crispy and packed full of flavor. An item that should definitely be tried, we're confident you'll enjoy. 6 - 8 steaks per pound. Product of U.S.A.
6 - 8 steaks per pound
Product of U.S.A

Ships frozen with dry ice

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