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The freshest most succulent salmon is here including salmon fillet, salmon heads, salmon candy, and smoked salmon.  Unloaded off our boat and processed just for you.  Rich in protein and healthy fats, it's good for your health and great on taste.  You can't go wrong with Giovanni's Fish Market.  100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  Buy salmon online with confidence knowing you have purchased the freshest possible salmon.   
photo of: Salmon Fillet (King Salmon)
Not Available Today
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: SALMON (King: WHOLE)
Not Available Today
(minimum order 1  EACH)
photo of: Salmon Candy aka "Squaw Candy"
$ 29.99 per POUND
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: Smoked Salmon Belly Strips
Not Available Today
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: Smoked Salmon Collars
$ 12.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)
photo of: Smoked Salmon Spread
$ 14.99 per EACH
(minimum order 1  EACH)
photo of: Wild California King Salmon Fillet
$ 24.99 per LB.
(minimum order 1 pound)

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Nutritional Value:

Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids which translates to great health benefits including improved control of the body's inflammatory processes, better overall cell function, and better brain function.

Salmon is one of those fish that doesn't require many ingredients.  The key is not to use too much otherwise you'll cover the already delicious succulent flavor of the nature taste of salmon.  Salmon is typically enjoyed baked or grilled but also is suitable for sushi.

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