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Giovanni's Fish Market Restaurant

-blog created on March 21, 2015

Giovanni's Fish Market and Galley has been family owned and operated for nearly three decades, all while sustaining a great reputation in the local community. Centrally located on the Embarcadero in Morro Bay, the eye catching exterior is hard to miss while wandering the beautiful waterfront. With a 1,000 gallon live crab tank and an accompanying over-sized steaming pot, as well as a 15 foot tall seafood menu with approximately 40 items, the famous restaurant draws quite a crowd out front. The restaurant is very unique in that you place your order at an order window, kind of like take-out ordering but not, and then have the luxury of enjoying a meal with beautiful scenery on an outdoor patio that is literally situated over the water with 180 degree views of the bay. The outdoor seating area is also pet friendly, so don't hesitate to bring your furry friends along as well.

Giovanni's is without a doubt most popular for their Fish and Chips and award winning Clam Chowder, and have been since day one. Selling tens-of-thousands of pounds of Cod per year alone, the popularity of the famous Fish and Chips is no question. The Clam Chowder is the local's favorite and the third generation family recipe has won many, many awards over the years. Another highly demanded item is the Fish Tacos, which you can enjoy for a steal on Taco Tuesdays. Nevertheless, the live Dungeness Crab steamed to order, always takes the show as the freshness is simply unbeatable. The renowned fish market and restaurant has loyal customers from all over the country and beyond, some of whom say they visit the small coastal town just to eat at their favorite restaurant. That's quite the compliment!  

About seven years ago, Giovanni's invested in a quarter million dollar restaurant expansion project. The purpose of the project was to expand the kitchen and patio area in an effort to increase the efficiency of restaurant staff and allow for more seating area for patrons. The project was a huge success to say the least. At times, the size of the order line can be discouraging at first glance, which on a typical day runs down the block. Fortunately, management and kitchen staff work endlessly to upkeep the productivity of the restaurant, enabling the long lines to move very quickly. If you are not a fan of a long queue, the restaurant always welcomes call-in orders allowing you to skip the line entirely. On a side note, cash and all major credit cards are accepted, and you can guarantee that military personnel are always given a discount. Giovanni's Fish Market and Galley's priority is ensuring their customers are satisfied with every visit, which can be attributed to much of their success over the past nearly 30 years. The friendly staff enthusiastically awaits your next visit!
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