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Seafood Salads

-blog created on April 30, 2015

Giovanni's Fish Market offers even more than just the freshest fish on land; you can order fresh, ready-to-eat seafood items online as well! In addition to their famed smoked fish offerings, which are also ready to eat upon receipt, the fish market has a fine seafood salad selection that is available for purchase inside the fish market or online. Using the freshest ingredients, the salads are relatively low in calories and decently healthy for you, making it hard to shy away. The salads serve great as an appetizer or a dish for a cocktail party, or even as just a tasty snack between meals.  The very popular selection includes the traditional Seafood Salad, Italian Seafood Salad, Calamari Salad and Seaweed Salad. 

Sushi restaurant goers may be familiar with a popular small dish named "Wakame Salad," and you'll bet that Giovanni's has its own delicious version also. Wakame Salad is the Japanese name for Seaweed Salad, and is prepared with dried seaweed marinated in vinegar, mixed with sesame oil and seasonings and topped with sesame seeds.  Seaweed Salad pairs fantastic with sushi or any seafood dish and can also be the perfect light and healthy snack as it is loaded with vitamins and nutrients.  Calamari Salad may certainly be the most distinctive salad offered by the famous fish market, its simple description may attest to that. Cooked squid tubes and tentacles tossed with vinegar, red onions, red bell peppers, salt, garlic, and lemon pepper - one of a kind and delicious!

Every fish market or grocery store sells a traditional Seafood Salad, but none comparable to the two Seafood Salads that Giovanni's Fish Market offers. The traditional Seafood Salad uses a mayonnaise base that is loaded with imitation crab and shrimp, all mixed with celery, onions, egg, lemon juice and salt. In addition to that classic, their newest salad offered - Italian seafood salad - puts a little twist on that recipe. The Italian Seafood Salad surely keeps it exciting on the pallet with a plentiful blend of bell peppers, mango, onion and lots of herbs mixed with imitation crab and a vinegary base. Both of these fine Seafood Salads are great on crackers or served as a side dish to any meal. 

Indulging in any of these fresh seafood salads is bound to be the easiest and most pleasing way to satisfy those seafood cravings without the hassle of preparation or cooking. Tourists and locals stop by Giovanni's Fish Market on the daily to grab a quick bite of one of these tasty salads or to grab a two pound container for an occasion.  Between the customers visiting the waterfront market and the employees eating their fair share of these delightful treats, you online customers ought to order quickly! Try any of these salads once and you'll be back for more - in person or with the click of a button! 

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