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Lobster for Valentine's Day

-blog created on February 10, 2015

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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you may be in the midst of planning a lovely evening with your loved one and the need for perfection is in the air. How perfect would it be to surprise your loved one with an amazing lobster dinner cooked by yours truly? Guaranteed, lobster will be found on every restaurant seafood menu around the world come mid-February. If you are wondering how to create the same delightful seafood dinner in your own home, Giovanni's Fish Market has all the answers to your questions. There are many different types of lobster available today as the world-wide demand has created quite the international marketplace. You can feast on lobster from all across the world, ranging in taste, texture and quality. The expectation of a Valentine's Day lobster dinner is nothing less than perfect, so being able to find the best product is the key to a successful dinner. 

It's safe to say that California Spiny Lobster and Maine Lobster are two of the most sought after species of lobster in the United States, both of which can be shipped live to your doorstep!  California Spiny Lobster are a species of clawless lobsters typically found in waters ranging from the Central Coast of California to as far south as Mexico. These large, warm water lobsters can best be compared to the likes of the famous Australian lobster. Huge chunks of sweet and succulent meat with a soft texture, California Spiny Lobsters are the Holy Grail of seafood and in high demand.

The more commonly known Maine Lobster is a cold water species found on the East Coast ranging from North Carolina to Canada. Maine Lobsters are typically smaller in size then California Spiny Lobsters, but are filled with meat in the tail, legs and claws. Offering a very rich and juicy taste, the difference in taste between East Coast lobsters and West Coast lobsters is significant.  However, each has their own unique taste characteristics that are sure to reach anyone's satisfaction. Availability of Maine lobsters is much easier to come by than the West Coast favorite, but lobster aficionados are encouraged to occasionally check for updates and availability information.

Everyone has different ideas on the perfect lobster dinner; some may prefer West Coast lobster over East Coast lobster, or some may prefer just the tail section over the claws. Fortunately, Giovanni's Fish Market offers LIVE Maine and California lobster when available, as well as an array of different types of lobster tails, claws and meat. The online seafood marketplace offers different sized lobster tails from the regions of Australia, Brazil or Hawaii, as well as colossal sized Maine lobster claws and even lobster meat that has already been cooked and shelled for you. You can even find the perfect bottle of wine to pair with your Valentine's dinner too. (click for wine list) Whatever your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day lobster dinner may be, surely you will find the best quality seafood and availability at Giovanni's Fish Market.

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