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Giovanni's Smoked Fish

-blog created on March 7, 2015

Smoked fish is an old Native American novelty that is created through the process of slow cooking fish by the use of wood smoking. The smoking process initially came about as a way for hunter-gatherers to preserve their catch for longer periods of time. Today smoked fish is very popular due to its exceptional flavor, versatility and lack of a tedious preparation. The delicious and pure smoky flavor is inimitable and is why smoked fish is still so popular today despite the nonexistent need for a method of preservation. A great selection of smoked fish can be found at Giovanni's Fish Market, where a family recipe and smoking process has been used for generations. To supplement the long lasting family tradition, Giovanni's uses a state of the art rotisserie smoker which is 100% wood burning and double walled with stainless steel, yielding some to-die-for naturally smoky flavored fish.

Giovanni's Fish Market smokes quite a variety of fresh fish weekly, in-house! From start to finish,the fish smoking process takes about two and a half days due to the large quantity of fish and the level of care exercised. First, the approximately eight different types of fish are filleted into desired cuts and portioned into optimal serving sizes. The fish is then put into a special brine, a famous 3rd generation family recipe, and marinated overnight. The next day, the fish is loaded into the custom rotisserie smoker and using fruitwood pellets, the fish is smoked slowly for 8 hours. The end result is delicious, smoke flavored fish that is said to be truly incomparable. The renowned smoked fish can be purchased online or in the fish market, where approximately 1,000 pounds of smoked fish is sold per month! With that said, if you haven't tried the famed smoked fish, you need to get in on it!

The selection of smoked fish offered at Giovanni's Fish Market is incredible and the quality is hard to match by other seafood vendors. Smoked fillets range in types such as King Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Swordfish, Thresher Shark, Boneless Trout, Black Cod and occasionally you'll find specialties like smoked Sea Bass or smoked Halibut. Of course you will even find the local's secrets such as salmon collars and belly strips, smoked scallops and smoked mussels. Alongside the more commonly smoked items, the seafood experts have added some fine twists of their own to their offerings, such as the increasingly popular Shark Jerky and Salmon Candy. What's really great about their selection is that everything is hand crafted, in house, by experts with literally decades of experience in the seafood industry, so you can always count on getting the absolute best available. Have your next smoked fish purchase be from a company who personally takes pride in their products and has been successfully doing for so for years.

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