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Fresh Oysters

-blog created on February 03, 2015

Have you recently dined on some delightful oysters at a restaurant and dreamt of indulging anytime you want? Well, luckily for you, you've come to just the right place! Oysters are increasingly popular delicacies that are sought after from East Coast to West Coast and beyond. The demand for these briny, healthy and satisfying treats is higher than ever, making the accessibility to coastal consumers fairly easy, but not so much to those anywhere in between. To truly enjoy seafood in a way that the locals do, oysters must be bought from a high quality and trusted seafood source; likely not your local grocery store. Instead, purchase oysters from a reputable name in the seafood industry, one in which prides its' business operations around customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality and freshest seafood from sustainable sources - Giovanni's Fish Market.

Just like most types of seafood, oysters offer great, well balanced nutritional value. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, calcium, vitamin B-12 and much more, consuming oysters helps aid in a healthy heart and stronger immune system. In addition, oysters are low in fat, calories and cholesterol, allowing you to never feel guilty after eating a dozen of the ocean's finest little gems.  Countless types of oysters exist, differing in species, harvest location, size and taste.  Grassy Bar oysters are the most popular type of oyster sold by Giovanni's Fish Market, locally grown in Morro Bay, CA. If you are craving a more exquisite oyster hailed as one of the finest in the world,give Kumamoto oysters a try. Other fine oysters ranging in size and taste characteristics, such as Chef Creek, Fanny Bay, or Hama Hama, are sure to be crowd pleasers as well. Pacific Coast oysters are not the only species available. A very popular East Coast oyster, named Blue Point, can be delivered to your doorstep as well.  Whatever you're preference in oysters may be, rest assured can get it for you.

Upon delivery, it is best to leave the oysters in the netted bag and store in the refrigerator for up to three days. Oysters can be prepared a number of different ways, all of which are fairly quick and easy! The key step in preparation is shucking the oyster, which can be explained in this short video. (click here to learn how to shuck an oyster). Oysters on the half shell are traditionally the most popular serving choice for small sized oysters. On the contrary, medium to large oysters are best served broiled or barbequed in their natural juices and desired flavors; surely to not disappoint.    Next time you decide to host a cocktail party or are in the mood for a delicious oyster dinner at home, give the seafood experts at Giovanni's Fish Market a call. You'll be greeted with superior customer service and find you can order everything you need for your next oyster feast all in one place. There is nothing better than getting fresh oysters delivered to your doorstep that were harvested from the ocean just the day before! Only at Giovanni's Fish Market.

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