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Dry Pack Scallops

-blog created on January 3, 2015

 cooked scallop

For most of us, we aren't really familiar with what the term dry pack scallops refers to, but Giovanni's Fish Market is more than happy to educate you! Dry scallops are wild and all natural.  They are not treated with any chemicals of any kind. These scallops are harvested directly from the ocean, shucked on deck and then immediately frozen on the boat in order to capture their quality. Dry scallops caramelize naturally during the cooking process to a golden brown color that is very attractive when serving.  And, as you may have guessed, there is not a cost-added water weight with dry scallops.  Dry scallops generally have a natural vanilla color. Giovanni's Fish Market only sells dry scallops. Their dry diver scallops are very large in size, weighing in at almost a quarter pound per scallop! Giovanni's dry diver scallops are hands down the largest and finest scallop's money can buy.


So, how are dry diver scallops get from the ocean floor to your plate? Well, today, there is a large market for scallops that are harvested by divers. These scallops are caught by hand on the ocean floor, as opposed to being dragged across the sea floor by a dredge which causes them to collect sand. So as a result, the dry diver scallops tend to be less gritty. This method can also be more ecologically friendly because this kind of harvesting method does not cause any undue damage to undersea ecology. In addition, the regular harvesting methods often result in delays as long as up to two weeks before the dry scallops arrive at market, which can cause the flesh to break down, and results in a much shorter shelf life. The largest wild dry diver scallop fishery is by far for the Atlantic sea scallop which are off the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. Most of the rest of the world's production of scallops are from Japan, which produce wild, enhanced, and aquaculture scallops, and China where they are mostly cultured Atlantic bay scallops. 

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