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-blog created on April 13, 2015
cooked shrimp
As the summer months are approaching, you may be fantasizing about summer BBQ's equipped with shrimp on the barbie, shrimp ceviche and an ice cold beverage.  Seafood experts say it's indisputable that shrimp is one of America's favorite seafood's - a very versatile food that can be prepared for a delicious appetizer or a main entrée, served hot or cold, plated fancily or dressed down to plain and simple, etcetera.  The substantial popularity has resulted in a multi-billion dollar commercial shrimping industry with per capita shrimp consumption far exceeding that of the ever-so-popular canned tuna. Your chance of getting the superior quality seafood you are looking for greatly increases when you turn to a trusted name in the industry, Giovanni's Fish Market! Giovanni's sells all wild caught shrimp and offers quite a vast selection ranging from local live California Spot Prawns, imported Mexican white or brown shrimp, wild cocktail shrimp and much more.

As with other seafood, shrimp has many great health benefits by being high in protein and low in fat; a lean source of high quality protein is your body's favorite food.  Shrimp also provides all the essential amino acids and vitamins the body requires and is an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fats that benefit the brain and immune system. In the midst of planning your next cocktail party or special dinner, or maybe thinking of preparing some sushi, don't forget Giovanni's Fish Market will have your desirables delivered to your doorstep next day! The expansive selection includes LIVE shrimp, jumbo prawns or smaller prawns that can be raw or cooked, shell-on or peeled and deveined.  The website is filled with delicious shrimp recipes and includes helpful tutorials on how to peel and devein shrimp too. (click here) There's likely something for every occasion, but if for some reason you aren't finding what you are looking forgive them a call, the friendly customer service representatives are great at tracking down specialty items.

Certainly not to renowned fish market's delight, farm-raised shrimp have made their way in to most seafood menus and grocery stores around the country. Restaurants and retailers have chosen to forgo superior quality shrimp and replaced them with low quality seafood likely due to the cheaper costs. There are significant issues with farm-raised shrimp such as the use of toxic antibiotics, chemicals and pesticides, as well as environmental and economic effects to the farming communities. The justification for swapping low quality food to save a few dollars is a concept that will never be adopted by Giovanni's, a premier fish market whose focus is delivering the highest quality seafood to you in the quickest and most convenient manner. If you want optimum quality and the greatest selection of shrimp available, then Giovanni's Fish Market is your go to source!

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