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BBQ Time!

-blog created on July 25th, 2015



When you think of summer; thoughts of vacation, ocean breeze and some good eating come to mind.  Weekend barbecues with family and friends over just fits perfect in the summer months.  Seafood is one of the top choices on the coastline for the BBQ and Giovanni's Fish Market has some great choices available daily inside their fish market and 24/7 online on their website,


The top three summer choices are swordfish steaks, wild king salmon and quite possibly the best tasting fish in the ocean.white seabass.  All three types of fish take on well to any marinade, seasoning or sauce you like.  You can find a nice selection of seasonings and sauces at Giovanni's Fish Market.  They have something for everyone. 


Swordfish is a hearty fish that's a summertime favorite because of its firm texture and rich succulent flavor all its own.  Typically sold in steak form making it ideal for tossing it on the barbecue on a hot sunny day.  Try swordfish with fresh garlic and rosemary and you'll know why this fish is so popular.


Wild king salmon is available almost anywhere in the USA but what makes Giovanni's different is the freshness.  Unloaded off the docks at Giovanni's and processed on site then displayed immediately in the fish case.  Giovanni's wild king salmon is one of the top sellers online as well and for good reason, freshness!  Not only is salmon great baked but holds up remarkably well on the barbecue and doesn't necessarily need much seasoning.  Try with a sprinkle of pepper and baste with lime juice.  Garnish with fresh dill and orange slices.


Now, let's talk about White Sea Bass and why this fish has a reputation of being one of the best.  White Sea Bass is never oily and never tough like the Chilean Sea Bass instead consists of thick slightly off-white fillets that cook up buttery rich that just melt in your mouth.  Available in the summer and early fall months so now's the time to try it if you haven't already.  White Sea bass is simply amazing grilled and keep it simple as a pinch of garlic, onion powder and lemon pepper will work just fine.  


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