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Smoked Fish

- blog created on October 7, 2016 

smoked fish

Giovanni's smoked fish has been a highlight seller for years around the famous fish market. The vast selection consists of King Salmon, including the fatty Salmon bellies and collars, Albacore, Yellowtail, Black Cod, Trout, Sea Bass, and much more. The fish is always sourced from local waters on the Central Coast, when available. Additionally, the selection even includes Salmon "Squaw" Candy and Shark Jerky, both of which have become so popular that the dehydration process is up for capacity revamp so the products will stop selling out.
The 2-day long process is done at least weekly, yielding some of the tastiest and freshest smoked fish available. The freshest fish is selected, filleted into half pound portions and put into a homemade brine to marinate for 24 hours. The brine is a 3rd generation family recipe that's full of flavor and proven to be the perfect match with the fruitwood pellets used in the hot smoking process. The hundreds of pounds of fish is then pulled from the industrial sized smoker, and chilled overnight before being sold in the fish market.
Smoked fish really is the ideal snacking food ~ Shark Jerky is great for an on-the-go bite, or serve up some Smoked Salmon at your Sunday football parties this NFL season. A personal favorite is the "Smoked Salmon Spread." Take some Giovanni's Smoked Salmon, chop it up and mix with cream cheese, dill, green onion, and a little seasoning, and serve atop a fresh baguette. Simple and tasty!
All smoked fish offerings are available for purchase inside the fish market or online at: All orders placed online are delivered overnight [in accordance with our shipping schedule], with sufficient coolant to allow product to arrive to you FRESH without ever being frozen or processed with preservatives. Truly incomparable and must-try products of Giovanni's Fish Market!

Purchase smoked fish here: buy smoked fish online

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