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IQF Shrimp

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- blog created on February 12, 2017  

 individually quick frozen shrimp


IQF represents and is short for "Individually Quick Frozen", meaning the shrimp is spread out during the process of being frozen to prevent the shrimp from being stuck together. This process produces a better flavor and texture to the shrimp. There are no preservatives or chemicals added to the shrimp. The process of quick freezing shrimp not only preserves moisture and texture but is by far a better process than slow freezing as there is potential for cellular damage resulting in loss of moisture when thawed.

Frozen shrimp is common in the seafood industry as shrimp is delicate and perishes quite quickly. Frozen shrimp is sold either in block form or IQF. Both processes of freezing are meant to preserve the shrimp but the advantage of IQF is the convenience for the customer to use whatever quantity is needed to whereas frozen block shrimp would require the entire amount to be thawed.


Giovanni's Fish Market offers both raw and cooked IQF shrimp inside their fish market and online. Their best-seller is the jumbo wild Mexican prawns sold in an IQF 2 pound bag. These prawns are great to serve on any occasion including parties, holidays or any special event. Treat yourself to the best shrimp the seafood market has to offer. 


Purchase IQF Jumbo Wild Mexican Prawns here: buy IQF shrimp

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