Dungeness Crab Season Open
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Dungeness Crab Season Opens

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- blog created on November 26, 2016  



After much anticipation, the California Dungeness Crab season is finally here. The crabbing industry is a nearly billion dollar industry that sadly saw a long term closure last year due to regulations. Fisherman, fish markets and crab consumers alike have been hoping for a great, plentiful season this year. Our wishes have been answered and as of November 15th Dungeness Crab is being delivered worldwide.

Worldwide - how is that possible you likely are wondering.  Well, Giovanni's Fish Market makes it happen by offering overnight delivered anywhere in the United States - Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico included! Furthermore, Giovanni's has even been delivering live Dungeness Crab overseas to places like Thailand, China, Europe and more. The busy shipping season begins around Thanksgiving as families opt to go for a non-traditional Seafood dinner focused around Crab.  Again for Christmas dinners and New Year's celebrations as well.  Thousands of customers have already turned to Giovanni's Fish Market for Dungeness Crab this year, only a week and a half into the season.


Dungeness are usually caught from Santa Barbara County as far North as Washington.  Currently, Dungeness Crab can only be caught off the coast of California. Meaning your number one source for Crab ought to be Giovanni's Fish Market.  Enjoy some crabs for yourself or have them delivered to friends and family, near or far. There's no task too large for Giovanni's to complete ~ literally. Tens of thousands of customers will attest to this.


Dungeness can be purchased lived, or order it cooked and the lovely staff will even crack and clean it for you at no extra charge. If you're lucky enough to be a local or visiting the quaint fishing village of Morro Bay, stop on by the fish market and enjoy some freshly steamed Dungeness Crab. It only takes about 25 minutes in total and you can enjoy hot steaming crab on an outdoor patio overlooking the ocean. If you're not local just order online here and Giovanni's will take care of the rest. Hassle-free, cost effective and delicious. That's hard to beat. 


Purchase Dungeness Crab here: buy dungeness crab

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