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- blog created on March 20, 2017  




Caviar is, simply put, fish eggs. However, not all fish eggs are Caviar. Wait.what?! Caviar is derived from an ancient, and very specific species of fish. Sturgeon has been a part of history dating back 250 million years! It has been a staple in Middle Eastern and Eastern European diets for the majority of mankind's history, and is readily available today.

Caviar was once only consumed by European royalty because of the amount of work required to obtain this delicious and delicate treat. Conversely, it was also a part of free lunch buffets in Nineteenth Century America because the salty flavor caused an increase in thirst, which increased beverage sales. Interestingly, commercial fishing in America's almost depleted the entire species of local Sturgeon because of the high demand. This shifted focus back to importing the coveted Russian and Siberian Caviar popular today.


Luckily for Giovanni's Fish Market & Galley, historical means of commercial fishing did not completely diminish this wonderful species. Thanks to advances in preservation and farming techniques, which include no-kill means of obtaining roe, today's Sturgeon populations are thriving, and in turn, Caviar is available to us! In fact, we offer this tantalizing palate pleaser at an amazingly low cost on our website at and are able to ship to you overnight! Visit our website for more detail about our Royal Siberian Ossetra and Imperial Russian Ossetra, place an order, and get a taste of history."  


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