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Welcome to our affiliate program.  Giovanni's Fish Market and Galley is the premier fish market in California shipping the highest quality of seafood overnight all across the United States.  With your creativity and resources; you can make easy extra income right from your home!  

Here's how it Works:

We will supply you with a unique custom coupon code that will identify you as the "seller" when a customer makes a purchase.  When a purchase is made using your custom coupon code; you will receive an email notification.  

We pay you 10% of all of the Seafood Sales associated with your "Coupon Code" *Shipping and Handling Not Included

Our affiliate payouts are on a monthly basis.  After the first week of each month; we will send you a check for all of your earned revenue from the month prior.  

It's that easy!  Start making money now:

Here are just a few Ideas on how you can use your coupon code to generate fast cash:
  • Prepare a craigslist ad with Pictures of our Seafood promoting "Fresh Seafood Delivered Overnight to Your Door, ANYWHERE in the U.S.A." Provide a link to the product(s) you are featuring, be sure to mention your custom coupon code to save the customer money, and give YOU the "commission"
  • Make some color Flyers featuring our products (You can use the photos from our website, it's ok!) Make your headline attractive and simple with a specific call to action like: "FRESH SEAFOOD DELIVERY TO YOUR HOME  Save 10% Now, visit:  " 
  • Write a Blog about Seafood, and include Pictures and Links to our products, (Remember you'll get 10% of Every Sale that uses your code!)
The Possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Information you provide is kept confidential and will not be distributed.
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