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Seafood specials listed monthly including fresh fish fillets, crab, abalone, sauces, and more
$ 24.99 per SET OF 4
photo of: Gio's Crab Cakes
$ 55.00 per PKG.
photo of: Abalone Steaks PREMIUM "California Red" (4 Steaks)
$ 19.99 per LB.
photo of: Albacore Tuna (#1 Sushi Grade)
$ 19.99 per LB.
photo of: Chilean Sea Bass Cheeks
$ 12.99 per SET OF 4
photo of: Gio's Salmon Cakes (Set of 4)
$ 250.00 per 5 LBS.
photo of: John Dory Fillets
$ 19.99 per LB.
photo of: King Crab Claws
$ 5.00 per TUB
photo of: Red Clam Sauce
$ 17.95 per SET OF 4
photo of: Salmon Burger Patties
$ 24.99 per LB.
photo of: Salmon Fillet (King Salmon)
$ 5.00 per TUB
photo of: Seafood Zuppa Sauce
$ 7.99 per EACH
photo of: Smoked Salmon Spread
$ 29.99 per LB.
photo of: Snow Crab Cocktail Claws
$ 29.99 per DOZ.
photo of: Soft Shell Blue Crab (One Dozen)
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