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King Crab Legs and Claws

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Product Description:
Hailed by many as the best crab on Earth, The Alaskan"RED" King Crab no doubt has a reputation all its own. A must for any seafood party, full to the rim with huge hunks of lucious super-sweet and slightly salted meat, If it's huge hunks of meat you want these babies are for you!

Don't settle for other species (Blue, Gold, Brown, etc..)  be sure you are getting genuine "Alaskan Red King Crab"
Additional Information:
Sizes available:
Medium  20/24 Grade (approximately 1/3 pound each leg)
Large      12/14 Grade (approximately 2/3 pound each leg)
Jumbo     9/12 Grade  (approximately 3/4 pound each leg)

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